Peggy in bloom- 5"x7" Art card

Peggy in bloom- 5"x7" Art card


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Peggy in bloom

Original (sold): 10" x 20", Acrylic on stretched canvas

This painting was started during my first Paint Peggy's cove plein air event, however, it was missing something.  After attending Shelagh Duffett's "Flower Power" workshop, I realized how I could rescue the painting! I just had to embrace the non realistic aspect of my original painting while adding fun bright flowers. It's always great to be inspired by other artists and seeing how you might incorporate some of their style into your own.

These 5" x 7" cards are made with 4"x6" prints of my paintings. Comes with an envelope and in a protective plastic envelope. These art cards are also easily framed and make nice gifts.