Originals abstracts are available from my GreenMonBrushstrokes.etsy.com store.

The following is a gallery of previously sold abstracts.  If you are interested in art cards or prints, please contact me (brushstrokes@green-monster.ca).

I'm happy to announce that my abstracts have been featured on the 2016 Local Wishlist, the buy-local holiday shopping guide to Nova Scotia.

My abstracts are often created after I’ve spent a few hours on more detailed paintings. At that point, I don’t want to think too much and just want to throw some paint around or just use up my leftover paint. So instead of trying to control everything, I let the paint and brush do whatever they want to do. As such, these paintings often take me unexpected places. They are often about colour, strokes and movement and I never know what image will emerge once I start these.

These paintings are one of kind. Due to the spontaneity of the moment; I can’t seem to reproduce them exactly especially the mood.

Your attraction to an abstract is personal; you may find that you prefer the painting to be in a different orientation than how I may have presented it. As such, I often place my signature in a discrete area within the painting so that you are free to turn the painting in whichever orientation that talks to you the most, whenever you wish.

The following have been sold!

Elegance in C
Letting go
Fall bush
Blue flowers
Blue skies over
yellow lands
Blurry garden
Stroke of midnight
A tetradic landscape

Across the blue

Autumn inspirations

Autumn inspirations 2
Autumn inspirations 3
Behind glass,
a rainy autumn day

Nova Scotia 
beach colours

A beach study
in thirds

A sunset in thirds
Cloudy day
The Shed
Looking for sun

Along the fence


Finding your number

Purple peacock

Earning your stripes

Power of suggestion

Shake it off

Abstract boat
Abstract flowers
Abstract lines
Aliens among us
Blue swan
Blue tone fan
Blue tone spray
Fruit bowl
Golden peacock
Highway to nowhere


Colour falls
The blue line
More lines
The red box
It was a bit spotty

Jungle curtain

More flowers
Ready to pick
That was a breeze
Colours of Drury lane
Boxed in

Lining up the circles

Holding on

Under the tree