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Note, shipping costs will be added automatically to your purchase based on your total.  The cost of shipping will be refunded to you if you live in the Halifax regional area and are capable of picking up the item. Please contact me ( if interested; I’ll refund you the shipping fee and we can discuss details for pickup.

Flat Rate Shipping Costs: 

Spend on productsShipping costTypically
consists of
$4 to $30$5to 7 art cards, OR an 8' x 10' or 11' x 14' print
$30.01 to $80$207 - 26 art cards, more than one 8' x 10' or 11' x 14' prints,
OR original paintings varying in size from 5' x 7' to 11' x 14'
$80.01 and more   $4016' x 20' original paintings

If the actual shipping cost is MORE than TWO dollars LESS than the charged cost of shipping, I will refund you the difference.