Blue flowers- 5"x7" Art Cards

Blue flowers- 5"x7" Art Cards


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Blue flowers

Original (sold): 9" x 12", Acrylics on watercolour paper

Just like "Red flowers", these flowers are also a figment of my imagination. They came out following a sweep of a stroke.

I never start abstracts really knowing what I'm going to paint but as I apply the brushstrokes, I start seeing where I need to add contrasting colours or various shapes that should be strengthen. It's a very loose experiment and sometimes I'm really surprised what comes out.

In this particular painting, I also wanted to play with gel medium to attempt an impasto technique on the watercolour paper.

These 5" x 7" cards are made with 4"x6" prints of my paintings. Comes with an envelope and in a protective plastic envelope. These art cards are also easily framed and make nice gifts.